Its a thing…of beauty

It is mighty cold and rainy in Nairobi this time of the year so moods are all over the place.Its cold when its cold,there is traffic  when it rains and for those unlucky enough to be thy brethren on route 11. Gumboots and  rubber shoes are a thing of beauty at this time.Life in itself is a thing of beauty. Pink flowers in the grey weather is a thing of beauty blah blah blah.Let me cut the jazz and get right to it,to me a thing of beauty really has to be the human body..the human mind I mean ,look at you,look how far you have come,look how woke you are getting,look at all these near death experiences and embarrassing moments you went through,those lost moments, oh no moments and still somehow here you are,reading my blog wondering what the heck i am ranting about this time and why i think gumboots and rubber shoes are a thing of  beauty…Oh well you have made it this far i might as well finish my whim.

I mean flowers are nice and all however,the ability to ignore and do what it takes to survive to mo matter where life takes you is  i think a thing of beauty don’t you think? You know i would like to think of myself as aworks under pressure type of person.When it gets rough i start something new to sway my mind of it; a new blog, a new project on my jewelry line Instagram; nanalately_shop( see what i did there) hehehe. Some times it can get rough .Still there you are doing what needs to be done, for your self or for someone else. Thinking no-one needs to know .”Kulenga kama hakuna chenye imefanyika ‘‘ Take in the grey and like  vacuum,suck it up and churn out colors .A thing of beautyThink about the deputy governor,by now we all know who, his come back after that is what am taking about that’s the thing of beauty.

You know the other day I was in a matatu and a man walked in he looks damn familiar he was so bruised up and swollen,he goes to the front and am think oh lord here we go again another preacher man here for ‘sadaka‘ . Somehow I listened to him, he looked too familiar,I knew it ! I knew him from somewhere, he owed a matatu named after him and his face painted on it,he also was a tout en-rout Ngong’ road,he asked for just a few moments of our time and i immediately saw the thing of beauty in his eyes before he began to speak: he owned a  matatu and still a tout on the side as a hustle.He had to sell his matatu to collect funds because he fell off the ‘manyanga’ door moving at 80kmh and was run over by a ‘nduthi’ .He had stitches all over his face, and his hand was disfigured i felt my heart whip a little for him, he has a total of 172 stitches on him. He however said he wasn’t there for a pity party; at this point i am near tears and the man sitting next to me is too( a little too late for that don’t you think) he has a little sister who he supported with this job now he cannot do it due to his disfigurement ,you know what amazed me the most? he wasn’t asking for money to support his sister he was ask for money for surgery so that he himself can get well and support his sister he sold everything he has for her,let me just pose right there and let you go though the motions with me,not for himself for her,he was paining but he got up sold his matatu still couldn’t get as much and he has resulted to borrowing a little more from us to whom know he looks familiar.

At this point if you we are still not seeing what i am talking about ,you my friend are a thing of wonder.I am at the end of my whim.Keep that beauty alive sometimes not being asked if you are okay is the best thing you can do,the glue that keeps it together is the thing of beauty don’t unravel it unless has stuck together.I don’t want to talk about it mean i don’t want to talk about it.

Yours truly…nana lately logo




_A love like no other_

word pressThis valentines lets talk about the same old thing we will always talk about on the 14th February, miaka-nenda miaka-rudi.Up-to this point i know you follow.The feeling is indescribable for those who found it;in religion,in family,in work,in a spouse,in a partner in a businesses,the word is the same the feeling is the same the type however my vary.In all the loves i have mentioned,if we are still together you may have noticed there is a particular one i haven’t mentioned,allow me to drift a little and drop hints as we continue by the time it is the end of my ranting you will definitely know where i am going with this.

Of late i have found Greek mythology to be a thing of beauty far much more interesting than i initially thought.From there is where i have found their gods like Eros of love and Narcissus,funny how from this we get narcissistic,too self indulged.Oh brother the tale is about the God who was so handsome that his parents sought to protect him because of the amazing looks he had which would be his downfall,one day however he was strolling through the woods and found a river and in the river his refection, he fell uncharacteristically in-love with himself he was aloof of the happenings around him.He wanted to touch the beauty he saw in the reflection and because he couldn’t he died there,waiting and wishing until he was no more,tale has it even in the underworld he still looks and admires himself.Okay so the feel of narcissism is real but that’s not where i am going with this,but look,what i go from it was love thy self but not three much you might die,*hides giggles*self-love-246228151.jpg


Quick question,have you ever taken yourself out?have you ever sat somewhere with yourself and enjoyed your own company just because?When was the last time you got something nice for yourself on a valentines day?who said this day needs to be for  couples(only)?At this point i am almost 100 you have caught my drift.We are in too deep into 2018 to be talking about new year resolutions none the less the love that will never fail should be the love we are all aiming for this year.Image result for self loveHaving spoken to various people and experience of my own,give up yourself takes a whole new meaning still the aim is to love not anyone else more than me.I have seen a woman with a load on her head but she didn’t look wherry she carries herself around with sass and throws it like confetti and watching her and her load makes me a little jealous,i see a lot of  men and women alike with the same load i want a piece of this woman’s weightless burden,what could it possibly be what on earth could she be carrying around weightless and yet so large,in came close to her,she was radiating l.o.v.e for anyone else but for her damn self, oops!! I caught myself staring into a mirror again.Not selfishness or narcissism but self acceptance and a deep type of love,when all else failed and left still the weightless load I walked around with happy glowing and you know what i piked out of the glowing woman?It is infectious,she wasn’t the most beautiful and she defiantly was no figure 8 on a size 0 but just because she accepted who she was I could imagine her any other way.The most common one is when you meet someone who is comfortable in a certain language say..english and you had to switch up from Swahili or local dialect to fit to their or they were so comfortable speaking in swahili you had to switch up,i took up the hefty burden and i must say this valentines is a little bit more about me and a little less about nani na nani ule mwingine,if you are plump your are fexy if you are skiny you slexy and if you are in between you are bwexy,all the while the word is the same no matter what form or size you come in,oh what a joy when you find yourself and who you are growing up i never ever understood what be yourself take care of your self ment,now years later I do,watching out for your self more than anyone else is watching out for you,that’s in few words is what self love is.So go on take your self out order in or cook do what you must be be your own valentine.Everyday,if you don’t believe me ask whitey Huston when she sang the greatest love of all.

I have found sticking to your lane and doing what you like to do most to be the most satisfying thing i have done for myself yet,Even the love i got in return was always present because i was the one carrying it around.I mean everyone matters but you matter to you most,excuse my charisma but if the damn mountain wont come to you then  go out there and claim the mountain,love your form,enjoy your self,always keep you in mind and for crying out loud take yourself easy.We love you but  you love you more,happy valentines, heal your own soul and guard it like you only have one for the duration of your earthly visit.


from my heart to yours,

**happy valentines day




sink or swim

‘For who knows the depth of the ocean but he whose feet are in the water’

IMG-20171105-WA0007Picture This,a toad who has spent its entire life on land and one day finds itself in the thick murky waters of a pond shall he swim,or shall he sink?

Picture this,a fish who has been in a nice little fish tank, and the little fishy ends up in the ocean at one time,shall we sink or shall we swim, swim little fishy,like the big and bad are out to get you,swim little fish

Picture this having been used to a certain method of doing things your entire life and that gets jumbled up in a matter of seconds and you find yourself having to make a choice,shall I adapt to the changing times or shall I try to get back to the past,Sink or Swim?

Imagine this,a woman who does not know how to work at anything in the house,to do the chores that are required of her,we all wonder how’s that  so,why’s that  so,but picture this,a girl never having done anything for themselves until this day when she is now a woman on her own,having to survive with little to no knowledge on it,Sink or Swim?

Imagine this,a student who has been the tail from when kindergarten right up to secondary education and it spills over to institutions of higher learning,it then hits them all at once like the cold breeze of July,I must just make it I must just be better,with no reading culture or curious mind shall she Sink or Swim?

Imagine a marriage of 50 years breaking,growing up with a human and one  day finding them gone,to learn to live alone and to explain it to the friends and family, this really could not be  worse that than the amber flames of hell,Sink or Swim?

In my short years of living this is just a little analogy I could come up with,oh how sweet it is to jump on the necks of those that are yet to master the art of swimming,oh how sweet it is giggle and get shocked at how long it is taking for her..for us to swim.The struggle from in the circle isn’t the same as it is from out of it,don’t be too quick to draw conclusions,the lungs of a swimmer must be developed,just like the mind of an infant and the instinct for survival.——-love nanalately——IMG-20171105-WA0008

Meet Nana

‘For what makes a girl makes a woman and made a blogger’

This being my very first blog i will not plunge into the deep end much rather this is an introduction to who i am and how put together my random thoughts can be.

Meet the girl,she is open minded and a free spirit what makes a girl the almost childlike approach to life,to make light of heavy situations,almost like it never was that serious, to look upon the world with eager happy eyes,to make writings and light hearted chatter,the belief that everything is a story and the playful nature that is a child.To forgive6tag_170916-091727 so easy.The innocence that is weaned out to  expertise through experiences.The girl is approachable ans smily.To grow in grace too makes a girl and it is a good thing but if that would have been a lance my vision would have been a blur still.

The woman is however is mature and confident and the woman craves for the type of independence that allows her to be who she is,the woman has had her heart broken and her mind open the woman has mended hearts and her heart too has been mended the woman is full of life and stands with LGBT and will write on anything.she is fierce and has a mind of her own.The woman is learning slowly where her strength is and banking on it,she is diverse and a thing of beauty really, a nurturer, a worker,a home maker,a fixer and still a provider.If this was a five course meal,i am the soup before the meal.

For that that made a woman will make a blogger and what makes a the blogger really?Fresh to the world of writing but eager still ,the girl-woman is me and this beautiful mash of the two allows me to write about issues for both the girl the woman and the blogger who does not conform to any particular type of  style, for she knows what made her a girl makes her a woman and will make her a blogger.Ooh shakes spear be thy witness lendeth me thy skills.

This is just authentically Nana lately

cheers guys,let the games begin =)



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